Coaching, counseling & mentoring

You can’t get ahead without a staff of top performers today, people who know how to learn, adapt, and stretch. People who solve, rather than create, problems. They can give your company the competitive edge it needs to succeed. They can also be your ticket to advancement.

People really are your most important asset. It’s true.

It’s also true that these same people have more choices today. They don’t have to stay with your company if they don’t feel challenged or ade- quately rewarded. And money just isn’t enough anymore.

So, how do you keep them?

The answer lies in helping them excel. Motivational experts say most people really do want to better themselves, to be all they can be. You don’t have to threaten or force them to improve. But you do have to help them. In doing so, you’ll become a better manager.

This summary shows you how to coach, counsel, and mentor your people to success — yours and theirs.

Coaching helps all your people. When you coach employees, you im- prove their ability to do their current jobs and increase their potential to do more in the future.

Counseling, on the other hand, addresses problem performers, people whose bad habits have become chronic. Taking care of people problems when they arise may cost you 10 percent of your time. Seems like a lot. If you don’t deal with them, however, you may find yourself spending 50 percent of your time trying to put out the fire.

Mentoring is reserved for your most talented employees. Work with these people, help them advance, and they will become assets now and al- lies in the future. Ignore them, and they’ll find someone else — maybe a competitor — who appreciates their talents.

You need different skills to tackle each of these three processes effec- tively. You’ll find those skills and more in this summary.

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