Change-Friendly Leadership

Most attempts to change fall flat. Around the world, countless change efforts are underway in all kinds of organizations, spearheaded by leaders with good intentions. Despite the good intentions, the majority of these programs will fail. Why?

In Change-Friendly Leadership, practitioner Dr. Rodger Dean Duncan shows that humanness, approachability and friendliness are necessary, but often over- looked, elements of making change successful.

Change cannot be achieved by a press release, slogan or announcement. Effective organizational change requires the active, mindful participation of the people affected by the change. Leaders must learn how to bring their entire team on board with changes and ensure they are invested in the process as well as in the outcome.

The Friendly Factor is not just a play on words. It’s the very foundation for effectively engaging people’s heads, hearts and hopes. The Change-Friendly frame- work is based on timeless principles that are tried and true in even the toughest situations. Using this framework will enable you to create effective, lasting change in your organization.