Break from the Pack

Everywhere, products are being commoditized, services are being imi- tated, and traditional barriers to market entry are collapsing. You can’t sur- vive on “me-too” products, services and business models, and the ever-pop- ular “all things to all people” approach will fail you every time.

To sustain a competitive advantage in today’s “Copycat Economy,” you must break from the pack. Companies that break from the pack take cus- tomers far beyond mere satisfaction. These companies tend to go beyond the mission statement to a “higher cause.” They build a pipeline of cool, compelling products and always manage to stay way ahead of their indus- tries.

This summary captures the essence of bestselling author and business professor Oren Harari’s advice and tips for competing in a Copycat Economy. The summary details how “Commodity Hell” demands that com- panies differentiate themselves from their competitors, how to dominate your own marketplace, and how to be the leader of a company that breaks from the pack.

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