Brand Hijack

Welcome to the world of marketing without marketing: the emergence of the hijacked brand. Don’t let this seemingly contradictory idea fool you. Far from representing the absence of marketing, this summary describes the most complex sort of marketing possible, as well as the least understood.

In Brand Hijack, marketing consultant Alex Wipperfürth offers a practi- cal how-to guide to marketing that finally engages the marketplace. It pre- sents an alternative to convention marketing wisdom, one that addresses familiar industry crises such as media saturation, consumer evolution and the erosion of image marketing. The purpose of this summary is to demysti- fy the modern brand and make the next generation of marketing both prac- tical and actionable.

But be forewarned: Following this summary’s advice will require some untraditional — even counterintuitive — practices on the part of modern marketers. This type of marketing is not for everyone. Marketers must be willing to let the market take over. They must be confident enough to stop clamoring for control and learn to be spontaneous. They must also be bold enough to accept a certain degree of uncertainty in the handling of their brands.

Brand hijacking relies on a radical concept — letting go. Although this thought might be frightening to many marketers, with some practice, it can be oddly liberating.

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