Blueprint to a billion

Microsoft, Google, eBay, Staples, Genentech, Starbucks, Nike and Harley-Davidson … these are just a few examples of an elite group of com- panies that have managed to turn billion-dollar ideas into billion-dollar businesses. What did these and other high-growth companies do to achieve such a goal? What blueprint do they follow to produce such results? Based on three years of in-depth research, this summary provides a quantitative assessment of the success pattern common across a distinct group of 387 “Blueprint Companies” that went from an initial public offering since 1980 and achieved $1 billion in revenue. They represent America’s highest growth companies; they uniquely achieved exponential revenue growth and returns.

This summary is not about one unique company, its innovation and the financial returns it achieved. It’s about the quantifiable, success-based pattern — independent of economic cycles or industries — that winning companies follow to produce the performance many admire and desire to emulate. These Blueprint Companies are known not only for their innovation, but also for their exponen- tial revenue and returns — growth irrespective of economic or business climate.

It’s about how you can use seven common essentials to better your busi- ness, organization, team or yourself and produce exponential growth. It’s about taking the actions that matter while avoiding the pitfalls.

The bottom line is not about the coolness of the brand, the positioning of the business, or the pedigree of the CEO. Those can be important inputs; how- ever, it is exponential revenue growth that makes a great company — so long as the management team ethically seizes the opportunity that it creates to achieve profitability, maintain positive cash flow, and produce high return on capital.

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