Becoming a category of one

What if you could completely eliminate your competition from your customers’ consideration — would you do it? Of course, you would. These days, so many companies strive to fit into a niche that they must elbow their way past a mass of competitors to do so. Why strive to be a leader in your category when you can create a different category and be the only one in it?

Such are the lessons to be learned in Becoming a Category of One. By using consultant Joe Calloway’s tips and advice, you can avoid being “commoditized” and differentiate yourself and your business from your competitors simply by shifting focus to your customers. Calloway describes real-life examples of companies that have gotten to know their customers very well, and have reaped the benefits of that knowledge in long-term relationships and continuous sales. Armed with proof that true success comes to organizations that can stand alone in their fields, he points out how a little self-discovery can take your business far, and how knowledge of self is critical to creating a successful branding strategy.

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