Bag the Elephant

Have you ever dreamed of landing that huge account — the monster contract that dwarfs any deals you’ve made previously, dramatically increasing the size of your profits? “Bagging the Elephant” brings you new, deeper streams of revenue, and keeping that Elephant happy ensures profits for years to come.

If you are the owner of a small or medium-sized business, this summary will show you how to find the right Elephant for your business and business needs, navigate your way through huge companies, identify and secure internal champions, build strong alliances, and position your selling approach for maximum effectiveness. Are you afraid that your company’s culture won’t be a good match for an Elephant’s culture? This summary explains how to align them to get the most out of your relationship. Are you having trouble finding the right decision maker in a prospect’s company? This summary also shows you how to use the Elephant’s inherent bureaucracy to your advantage.

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