A whole new mind

Lawyers. Accountants. Radiologists. Software engineers. That’s what our parents encouraged us to become when we grew up. But Mom and Dad were wrong. The future belongs to a very different kind of person with a very different kind of mind. The era of “left brain” dominance, and the Information Age that it engendered, are giving way to a new world in which “right brain” qualities — inventiveness, meaning, empathy — predominate. That’s the argument at the center of this summary — a summary that uses the two sides of our brains as a metaphor for understanding the contours of our times.

In the tradition of Daniel Goleman’s Emotional Intelligence and Marcus Buckingham’s and Donald O. Clifton’s Now, Discover Your Strengths, Daniel H. Pink offers a fresh look at what it takes for individuals and organizations to excel. Drawing on cutting-edge research from around the world, A Whole New Mind reveals the six essential aptitudes on which professional success and personal fulfillment now depend: Design, Story, Symphony, Empathy, Play and Meaning. It also includes several hands-on exercises and examples culled from experts around the world to help readers sharpen the necessary abilities. This summary will change not only how we see the world but how we experience it as well.

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