A Manager’s Guide to Project Management

As an executive, you know there’s only one reason to start a project: to add value.

In A Manager’s Guide to Project Management, top project management consultant Michael Bender reveals how to make sure all your projects fully support your goals and run effectively from start to finish. Bender shows how to use balanced portfolio techniques to get maximum value from every project, systematically reduce risk in tough-to-manage global environments and improve organizational performance through strategic outsourcing.

Drawing on decades of experience, Bender illuminates the executive’s role in establishing the conditions for successful project delivery and presents specific tools and techniques for ensuring that projects meet the strategic goals of the organization.

Bender shows how to structure organizations to support more effective project communication and decision-making, integrate project processes with other processes and oversee projects more effectively. He also presents a discussion of understanding and managing projects as capital investments, including detailed coverage of managing balanced project portfolios.

As an executive, you realize the rewards or suffer the penalty of project results. Here are the tools to get the results you’re after — and get them consistently.

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